Accelerated development for your digital startup.

On the pulse of digital entrepreneurship and empowering tech entrepreneurs and founders to reach their ambitions faster, the fully bespoke Rapid Startup Development Service is laser-focused on supercharging your startup's development journey.

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Rapid MVP Development

Custom software development. At the speed of your ambitions.

Whether starting out and bootstrapping your project or navigating the thrill of securing funding, Datamango is your trusted ally. We're here to accelerate your application development and ensure it dazzles the right audience.

Full stack development: excellence from start to finish.
Your web app should be phenomenal. From a user-friendly interface to a robust back-end architecture, get a unique combination of art and technology to transform every pixel and line of code into a seamless and scalable masterpiece.
Security as a priority, not an afterthought.
Security isn't optional. By building with a security-first mindset, your web app is embedded with robust protection, ensures compliance, and safeguards your product against disruption and the threat of IP theft.
Your concept = your intellectual property.
You're the visionary; we're the enablers. Through collaboration, let's create, build, and launch your innovation together while ensuring the intellectual property remains exclusively yours.
Harness UK-based expertise for global impact.
Your project benefits from home-grown expertise and international best practices to ensure seamless communication and a deep recognition of the UK and global tech startup market.

Bespoke Software

An agile development process for dynamic results.

Align your innovation with a tailored agile software development process designed to turn your vision into reality at every step with clarity and precision.

Laying the groundwork

Stage 1: Scoping & Planning

Crystallise your vision into a tangible roadmap through impeccable communication, strategy, and planning—employing agile methodologies to ensure flexibility to your feedback and market trends. This phase sets a rock-solid foundation, crafting a clear trajectory for development. By its conclusion, you're equipped with a precise plan, ready to move from concept to creation with confidence.

Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Rapid Development

Stage 2: Execution

The execution stage is where your concept becomes reality through rapid development milestones. Your web app is built to the highest technical standards, ensuring security, impeccable UX/UI, and an unwavering dedication to delivering on your vision. You'll receive regular updates, dedicated communication, and a preview environment always ready with the latest updates.

Prepare For Launch

Stage 3: Review

The review process involves rigorous testing and refinement to give you the best possible platform for success. Cyclical feedback and improvement, open communication channels, and regular check-ins ensure every feature is polished and ready to give you a valuable and refined product.

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Success stories: voices of innovation.

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Matt Helling

CEO, Arco Cyber

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With Datamango, our idea evolved into a £3.5m product in under six months. Their focus on security and user experience is unparalleled.

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John Gladstone

Sustainability Lead, Softcat

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Datamango transformed a concept into an enterprise-grade solution in a matter of weeks, becoming an integral partner in the platform's growth.

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Director, Data Security

Global Private Equity Firm

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The collaboration with Datamango is beyond expectations, especially their technological prowess, communication, and team harmony.

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Bespoke Software Development

Tailored solutions for every stage of your startup's development lifecycle.


For digital entrepreneurs and aspiring founders, 'Create' is your starting point in the world of web app development. You get a functional prototype utilising our essential tools and expertise to set the stage for a robust, scalable, and engaging web app.


For founders and startups ready to develop and launch their apps, 'Build' focuses on developing your functional prototype into a fully-fledged Minimum Viable Product (MVP)—developing the key features that will showcase your web app's unique value proposition.


For startups ready to scale for a wider release, 'Launch' is the all-in-one product lifecycle. Refine your MVP to perfection, and craft a full release-ready product perfectly positioned to make waves in the market and capture the attention it deserves.

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