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Leveraging Digital Transformation through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML)

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by Dave Westbrook,


With controlled experimentation, companies can prove the business impact of Digital Transformation. With Digital Transformation as a cornerstone of their strategy, Digital Leaders are able to move ahead faster and with more confidence. In this article, we discuss Digital Transformation in two ways: by using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML) and experimenting successfully with these technologies in strategic processes. Businesses across of all sizes across all industries can gain demonstrable value by embracing RPA and ML.

Digitally Transforming Customer Experience

At its most basic level Digital Transformation is about moving your company forward in a way that your customers and the competition can't keep up with. Leaders know that Digital Transformation is as much about technology as it is about people, and they use Digital Transformation to change how they work—so employees are empowered and excited by being part of an organisation that accelerates progress. Leaders have identified a set of technologies to execute their Digital Transformation: RPA helps them build and run their digital business processes faster than if they used traditional, manual methods and processes.

Digital Leaders use experimentation to test Digital Transformation in their strategic processes and have been most successful with this approach when initiatives explore the possibilities of a data-driven organisation, embracing a digital workplace and leveraging digital business processes. Leaders know that success goes beyond improving customer experience for a few, select channels because employees cannot be expected to deliver an outstanding experience if they don't enjoy working there. They also recognise the need to understand customers through analysing data from many sources, through both structured and unstructured data.

Revenue from RPA software is projected to reach £1.37 billion in 2021, an increase of 19.5% from 2020.


Delivering Value by Analysing Unstructured Data with Machine Learning

Machine Learning can help aggregate all your unstructured data into one area, so you can use it to make smarter decisions. Leaders are realising that ML is an essential part of Digital Transformation because they can tackle their valuable, but disparate data and transform the high-level processes in their organisation faster and more effectively than with many other technologies—but also, by using RPA as a foundation for Digital Transformation, they have been able to build a solid enterprise-wide business case for wider adoption.

Digital Leaders are realising that digitisation is about delivering on results—improving customer experience, streamlining workflows and bringing data together under one roof, with all its possibilities unlocked through technology such as RPA and Machine Learning.

Leaders recognise their Digital Transformation is also about people, moving them forward as technology changes how they work. Leaders discuss Digital Transformation with employees in terms of Digital Workspaces that change the way work is done so employees' jobs are transformed into roles that deliver more value to customers. RPA helps Leaders achieve this by addressing the ever-increasing gap between supply and demand for digital expertise—it creates higher levels of engagement through aligning technologies with business initiatives and lessening the burden on employees to do repetitive tasks such as data entry.

Innovate through Experimentation

Leadership is about recognising where you want your company's journey to take it. The technology landscape is always changing—new innovations will emerge as others fade away—but with Digital Transformation you can learn how to adapt your organisation into a data-driven one; how to use technology effectively throughout the organisation so employees are empowered by these advancements.

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