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Unveiling Datamango 2.0: Helping Businesses Unlock Potential by Resolving Complexity.

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by Josh Watkinson,


Welcome! This week, we were excited to reveal the new face of Datamango. It’s been a huge collaborative effort behind the scenes, with a lot of dedication required to get it over the line. Join us as we explore the rationale behind this significant rebranding and its implications…

Why a Rebrand?

When I joined Datamango, I had candid discussions with Graham (Managing Director) and Dave (Commercial Director) to recognise the challenges facing the company. We identified hurdles in effectively balancing client projects with marketing and sales efforts, establishing clear market propositions amidst diverse skill sets, and promoting transparency in our culture.

We embarked on a transformative rebranding journey to overcome these obstacles and chart a course for growth.

Enter the Rebrand

With a strategic focus, we executed two pivotal strategies:

1. Streamlining the Brand: One Identity, Many Possibilities.

After speaking with our clients, we discovered they predominantly recognised us as Datamango. With this in mind, we decided to consolidate our brands under this overall identity. By embracing Datamango as our primary point of engagement, we aimed to simplify interactions and deepen our commitment to partners.

2. Crafting a Distinctive Brand

Guided by our core values and unique culture, we meticulously fashioned a brand identity to embody what we do as a company, and that would reflect the incredible talents we have here. We settled on an abstract, modern, warm logo that symbolises our innovation, modernity, and approachability. This fresh identity, complemented by a robust brand strategy and marketing guidelines, ensures cohesive communication with our valued partners.

We also ventured into 3D animation, enabling us to convey complex concepts with the clarity afforded by this medium. It also means we can embrace emerging technologies such as VR/AR, as we anticipate providing cutting-edge experiences in our audience’s interactions with Datamango.

Meticulous analysis exploring how we can set ourselves up for the future (and many late nights) has culminated in a reimagined brand with strong foundations—a brand ready to tackle challenges and propel us toward growth.

So Where Do We Go From Here?

With our new brand unveiled, we now set our sights on solidifying our strategic direction. We aim to make our services crystal clear to partners, ensuring seamless onboarding and fostering lasting relationships.

We also embark on developing a comprehensive marketing strategy to help convey the immense value we consistently deliver to our partners. Building on Datamango's recent success stories, feedback from our amazing partners, including Arco Cyber and Softcat PLC, speaks volumes about our team's expertise and dedication.

What Can You Expect Going Forwards?

  • Service Clarity: We want to remove ambiguity and allow our audience to discover the full spectrum of services Datamango offers and what partnering with us entails.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Producing engaging video, written, and informative content covering diverse topics in the tech sector.
  • Case Studies: Unveiling our achievements, we’ll showcase successful projects that illustrate Datamango's key capabilities.
  • A More Vibrant Web Experience: Our website will transform with greater interactivity focused on helping our audience solve their problems.

As we move into this exciting new chapter, we know refinement and progress are constant. Challenges are opportunities for growth, and we are eager to share more insights with you in the coming weeks.

To all our existing and prospective partners, we’re getting ready to help you resolve your complexities and amplify your decision-making. At Datamango, we embrace your challenges as our own, working collaboratively to unlock the Art of the Possible.

Welcome to the new Datamango!

Want to find out more about what our rebrand could mean for your business? Get in touch here.

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